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Active Executive Search Opportunities

Human Capital Consulting Partners offers full-service retained search for C-level and other key positions in your organization. We offer a systematic approach, which provides the best possibility of success in the attraction, development, and retention of key executives. HCCP Retained Search Process consists of the following three-phased approach:

Phase 1 Discovery

The Discovery Process is the most important part of the search process, and it will ensure a successful outcome of Phases 2 and 3. At the completion of this phase, you will have:

  • A detailed job description for the position, outlining specific job duties/responsibilities, required competencies, and required educational background
  • An outline of the appropriate compensation package (base pay, annual bonus target, long-term bonus targets) for comparable positions in the marketplace

Phase 2 Candidate Identification

While Phase 1 is a joint effort with our clients, Phase 2 will be heavily weighted towards Human Capital Consulting Partners. During this phase, we will identify, screen, interview and conduct reference checks on viable candidates for the position. At the completion of this phase, you will:

  • Review a list of viable candidates for this position during key steps of the process
  • Interview a candidate pool of three to five finalists who fit the agreed-upon profile established in Phase 1
  • Hire a new executive who fits the job profile, is a match to the culture of the Company and will work with you to build the business

Phase 3 On-Boarding

Human Capital Consulting Partners believes the first 90 days is an important period of transition for an executive into a new organization. Therefore, we provide as part of our services an On-Boarding Process that makes the transition easier for both the executive and the Company. This one-to-one coaching will include:

  • Individual coaching sessions during the first three months of employment
  • Assistance in the development of a 90-day plan for the new executive to successfully integrate into the Company culture and new position
  • An assessment to provide the executive with additional information on their management/leadership style

Since some opportunities are new and/or confidential, we welcome receiving your resume in order to review it and retain it in our files for future reference. Please send your resume to









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