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  • 6 Signs Your HR Department Is At Odds With Your Business Strategy (9/2015)
  • HR Bulletin: Compliance Update: New Federal, Philadelphia, and Delaware Regulations
  • HR Bulletin: New I-9 Form Resources for Employers
  • Do You Have a Problem Hiring & Retaining the Right Employees in Your Business? (10/14/2013)
    Why do most business owners and executives tell me that finding and hiring the right people is one of the most difficult challenges they face in their business? The reason is pretty simple: lack of a formal hiring process. Most people today hire on their gut feel or the candidate's personality. Managers and supervisors are willing to settle for a hire, because it is easier to "have a cheek in the seat" than to spend the required time upfront to put in place the right recruitment process.
  • Do You Have "Alignment" in Your Business? (July 2013)
    During the last nine years that I have owned Human Capital Consulting Partners, the main message from executives has been, "I want to take my business to the next level." It doesn't matter the size, industry, location, ownership structure, product, service, or technology, executives want and need to grow their businesses and they want to know how to do it.
  • Key Points for Executive Review in 2013 (1/9/2013)
    As you approach the first two weeks of 2013, I wanted to share with you some key points that every business leader needs to take stock of now so they don't become problems in 2013. So step away from the meeting, the phone, the email and take a few minutes to set some priorities that can help grow your business.
  • How to Design a Sales Compensation Plan that Delivers Results (December 6, 2012)
    In today's complex, multi-faceted business organizations, it is not uncommon to find that a single organization has several different types of selling situations and each is addressed with a customized compensation plan to complement and support the company's need and objectives.
  • The Secret to My Succession - Transition or Transaction (October 16, 2012)
    Business owners face many challenges in the their day-to-day business lives but nothing more daunting than how they will build the right succession plan for their business and themselves personally when it comes time to retire. Statistics show that 75% of the business owners who recently sold their businesses failed to accomplish their personal or financial objectives. No doubt, the importance of planning for the business owner, their business, and the people around them is critical for a successful outcome.
  • How to Design an Effective Compensation System to Drive Results (3/13/2012)
    Results, no matter how they are defined, are vital to the success of any organization. Company executives and boards of directors struggle all the time with designing the right compensation system that is affordable, is competitive, drives accountability and rewards the right behaviors. Everyone tries to find that magic "compensation bullet" because management knows that employees, regardless of their level, want to be paid appropriately. Whether we like it or not, compensation does play a part in motivating our employees.
  • Three Reasons Why the Myers-Briggs Assessment Will Help You Be a Better Leader  (2/6/2012)
    Katherine Briggs and her daughter, Isabel Myers Briggs, developed the Myers-Briggs tool by combining their research with the work of Carl Jung, the Swiss psychotherapist, to help individuals understand their most basic preferences. Jung's research determined that each person has innate preferences that are shaped by such things as education and family upbringing. He believed that these preferences did not change over time, but what does change is how we use our preferences.
  • What Are Your Risks and Challenges in 2012?  (1/17/2012)
    As you look forward into 2012 and think about your risks and challenges for the next 12 months, I thought you would find useful a recent article from entitled "What to Put on Your Risk Radar Screen" This study, completed by Corporate Executive Board (CEB), provided a top-10 list of risk "hotspots" for which senior executives, boards of directors, and audit teams should conduct risk assessments in the coming year.
  • How to Build Accountability in Your Organization (March 2011)
    How many times have you become frustrated when the work you assigned is not finished on time? How often during the course of a project must you re-clarify the issues? What percentage of the time does the finished results not meet your expectations?
  • How to Ensure You Hire the "Right" Person (January 2011)
    Over the last 25 years of working with hiring managers, this question comes up all the time regardless of the industry, size of company, geographic location, or type/level of position. Why? Simple, all managers want to hire the right people to be sure their business can continue to be a success.
  • Step 2 on How to Ensure You Have Right People to Compete in the New Economy
    (March 31, 2010)
    To help ensure you Have the Right People to Compete, Human Capital Consulting Partners recommends a multi-step plan. In this month's newsletter, we'll review Step 2: Defining the culture of your organization.
  • Do You Have the Right People to Compete in the New Economy? (1/21/2010)
    How often do you think about whether or not you have the right people resources to get your business to the next level? To help ensure you Have the Right People in Your Organization to Compete in the New Economy, Human Capital Consulting Partners recommends a multi-step plan.
  • Leadership in Times of Crisis (1/29/2009)
    How many times during our working career have we said to ourselves, "It can't get any worse?" How many times during our working career when it did get worse, we always found some sort of solution to turn it around? Today it's different! Globally like never before businesses are closing, layoffs are occurring in record numbers, business and personal wealth has been cut in half, and everyone is waiting for " the next shoe to drop." Here we address how to be a true leader during these challenging times.
  • Does My Company Need a Professional HR Department? (12/9/2008)
    Whether or not a company needs a full time HR function really depends on the company and the "people issues" facing the organization. Some HR professional trade associations suggest you base the decision on how many employees are employed in an organization. But the real question that needs to be answered is, "How do I know what is right for my company." Human Capital Consulting Partners has developed a proven process that assists organizations in answering this question.
  • How to Survive the First 90 Days: A Guide for Success (5/5/2008)
    From the perspective of Human Capital Consulting Partners LLC as well as of studies that have been done by other human resources consulting firms, how you handle the transition into a new role will determine whether you succeed or fail. You must pay attention to the "how," regardless of the jobs you had in the past or level you are in the organization. As you begin your new leadership role, we offer some helpful hints that should assist you in making a successful transition.
  • Great Ideas for Attracting, Hiring, and Retaining Great People (2/13/2008)
    Attracting and hiring the right people in your company is crucial. Learn more about “Human Capital's Effect on Financial Performance” and the role that expert assessments play in ensuring a top-notched team.
  • Client Problems & Solutions (12/19/2007)
    We offer a round-up of client problems and solutions that can help you with your human capital strategy.
  • How to Design an Effective Executive Compensation Program (10/25/2007)
    Executive compensation planning gets (or should get) a high level of analysis and attention in any company. How do you create an effective executive compensation program that will drive business success, improve shareholder value, and motivate executives to reach their goals/milestones?
  • Solving Human Capital Issues (7/17/2007)
    We offer a round-up of client problems and solutions that can help you align your human capital strategy with your bottom line.
  • 8 Steps for Ensuring M&A and Integration Success (1/30/2007)
    To ensure that companies have success in their merger or acquisition, Human Capital Consulting Partners has worked to create an eight-step process to assist companies with the integration process.
  • How to Attract and Retain Great People: A 7-Step Process (10/26/2006)
    Without great people, you won’t be able to grow your business. We have honed a seven-step process that will help you grow your business by identifying, developing, and keeping fantastic people. Over time by following this process, your frustration over how to attract and retain great people will end.



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