By Aligning
HR Performance

“Jim provided excellent guidance to a fast-growing, scientific research organization. He worked with us in providing management/supervisory training for scientists and in developing a sound, basic human resource program, culminating in hiring of a full-time HR manager.”

Is Your Company’s
People Component
Designed To Move Your
Business Forward?

People are a key part of every business. Yet most businesses fail to maximize their people potential. But it doesn't have to be that way. By aligning your people potential with shareholder expectations, Human Capital Consulting Partners will help your business operate more effectively.

Organizational Assessment
Human Capital Consulting Partners will provide you with valuable information about the performance of your organization and the factors that are impacting your company's performance.

Structure & Workforce Planning
Human Capital Consulting Partners will research your human resources programs, processes and practices; your business strategy and goals; and then prepare the right action plan for the future.

Is your human capital strategy doing all it can for your bottom line?

Here are 7 valuable ways an HCCP Organizational Assessment & Plan will move your business forward:
1) Design and implement a more successful organization structure
2) Help prioritize functions and resources
3) Identify ways to streamline your organization and eliminate wasteful hiring and employment
4) Identify ways to eliminate or reallocate HR cost in your organization
5) Create ways to make you compensation strategy more efficient
6) Develop structural design such that departments relate to each other more effectively
7) Initiate methods to engage human resources to more effectively help achieve goals

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