Recruiting Challenges: Keeping This Client’s HR Team Shipshape

Since delivering its first vessel in 2003, Philly Shipyard has become one of the leading U.S. commercial shipyards, constructing and delivering over 50% of all Jones Act ocean-going merchant ships. To meet such formidable demands, Philly Shipyard employs over 1,100 people, many of whom hold specialized positions. Read more to find out how HCC Partners helped the Philly Shipyard find qualified candidates to fill these roles. Read More

Cost Accounting Manager, QuantumClean®

QuantumClean® seeks a Cost Accounting Manager, based at our Phoenix, AZ location. Reports to the Chief Financial Officer and responsible for managing global systems within cross functional teams to maximize profitability and maintaining superior customer satisfaction on a worldwide basis. This position requires approximately 50% domestic & worldwide travel to US and global facilities. Read More

Industrial Engineer, QuantumClean®

QuantumClean® seeks an Industrial Engineer based at our Phoenix, AZ location. The position reports to the Chief Financial Officer and is responsible for measuring, analyzing and evaluating the workflows and processes throughout our worldwide production facilities, establishing and documenting operating standards for optimization of resources and efficiencies on a worldwide basis. Read More

Business Development Manager, ASI Drives

This new position will work in collaboration with the President and other key employees to develop and then implement all of the sales/marketing strategies, tactics, processes, and procedures for this new product. Once the sales and marketing processes are in place, the Business Development Manager will be responsible for personally driving sales growth regionally into small to mid-sized manufacturing warehouse operations, including distribution centers. Read More

Organizational Assessments: Saving a Business by Boosting Morale

When Nick Lanzi, entrepreneur and CEO, met Jim Geier over five years ago through BCA—a group of community and business leaders in the Delaware Valley—he recognized that he was struggling with some business issues. He had no idea that he would come to rely on—and later credit Jim—for contributing to the outstanding success of his business, Direct Choice, Inc., a national direct marketing agency. Read More