Executive Search

HCC Partners offers full-service retained search for C-level and other key positions in your organization. We apply a systematic approach—including discovery, candidate identification, and on-boarding—assuring the best possible outcome for both the company and the new employee. Once your ideal candidate is hired, we stay with them during the first 90 days by providing one-to-one coaching sessions, goals and objectives planning assistance, and a leadership skills assessment. Learn more.

Executive Coaching

Executive Coaching helps leaders develop skills and strategies to increase their impact and enhance the value they bring to the organization. All leaders face moments when the talents and capacities that made them successful in the past are no longer adequate. Often this calls for both new skills and new ways of thinking.

Organizational Assessments

People are the most important asset of your organization, yet many businesses fail to maximize their potential. By better aligning your people with business expectations, HCC Partners can help your business, functional area, or managers/supervisors to be more effective. Through organizational assessments, we often find the hidden factors impacting your company’s performance and recommend ways to correct them.


A competitive and professionally managed compensation strategy can attract and retain the right people who are capable of maximizing the potential of your business. HCC Partners brings extraordinary experience and a successful track record when crafting your compensation program. The results can be dramatic and enrich your organization for years to come.

Additional Services

Employee Investigations
In the current business environment, how companies investigate potential misconduct can affect that company’s reputation almost as much as the alleged conduct itself. Consistent principles and procedures must be followed whenever allegations of misconduct are investigated. As an independent third party, our consultants bring objectivity, experience in conducting investigations, knowledge of company policies and procedures and the ability to distill information.

Leadership Development
People at all levels in an organization have the ability to become effective leaders with the proper guidance and investment. HCC Partners brings the experience—and a personal touch—to help organizations leverage their leadership investments. We advise clients on how they can retool their leadership development programs to best support critical business priorities.

Human Resources Strategy
We first work with leadership to understand the goals, mission and future aspirations of the company. Once this analysis is completed we review your current HR programs, processes, procedures, and organization structure to ensure alignment with your long term goals.

Merger & Acquisition Integration
Our consultants assist organizations in creating an integration plan designed to handle the real, day-to-day people issues and then work with management to oversee the implementation of the plan.

Succession Planning Strategy
We work with business leadership to develop a formal succession planning process to ensure that you have employees on hand ready and waiting to fill needed roles in the future.