Quality Assurance ASME Code Engineer, Wm. Schmidt and Sons (Filled)

Status: Filled

Job Title: Quality Assurance ASME Code Engineer

Company: Wm. Schmidt and Sons (www.wasinc.com)

Location: Chester, PA

Date: January 2019

The Quality Assurance Engineer will report to the Operations Manager and will have primary responsibility for the development and maintenance of production quality in accordance with ASME standards and documentation to ensure quality manufacturing to our customers’ specifications on a consistent basis. This includes, but is not limited to; defining quality requirements for current/new products and preparing/maintaining necessary documentation, monitor production quality performance to identify opportunities for improvement, review and maintenance of quality files, procedures, work instructions, training, etc. for relevance and adherence to customer and regulatory compliance.

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Prepare and manage the overall Quality Control Plan for all steps in the manufacturing process from incoming material to shipping of finished goods.
  • Prepare and implement Quality Inspection Instructions specific to each work area and product type in the manufacturing process.
  • Prepare and perform QMS (Quality Management System) audits to insure that all procedures and instructions related to the QMS are adhered to.
  • Lead the investigation of customer non-conformance reports and all responses using the 8D Problem Solving methodology.
  • Provide technical support for issues related to new products, new customers, and/or qualification of new equipment and personnel.
  • Provide support to Purchasing for evaluation and qualification of new suppliers, or continuous improvement activities of existing suppliers.
  • Perform random quality checks on shop floor of C/Cs (critical characteristics) as identified by Production Planner.
  • Track and prepare monthly reports for internal and external quality performance metrics.
  • Support Engineering in process development, equipment selection, and process flow activities.
  • Ensure the awareness of customer requirements throughout the organization.
  • Handle administration of Corrective Actions and Customer Complaints.
  • Keep Operations Manager fully apprised of significant occurrences and trends that impact the quality of product or manufacturing operations.
  • Anticipates current and future issues and develops plans and actions to minimize the negative impact on the business.

Required Education and Experience:

  • Degree in Mechanical Engineering with working hands on experience with ASME standards in fabricating vessels.
  • 7 to 10 years of experience in a manufacturing quality assurance program, department, or operation.
  • Experience working in the quality area for an organization certified to ISO 9001 or similar standard.
  • Hands-on ability for measurement using micrometers, calibers, indicators, etc.
  • Strong understanding of statistical process control especially CpK and control limits, trends and the need for tool replacement to meet acceptable performance.
  • Knowledge of PAPP process.
  • Ability to read CAD/technical drawings.
  • Must be able to work in both a shop and office environment.
  • Experience with the proper use of measuring equipment.
  • Proficiency in MS Office, including Word and Excel

About Wm. Schmidt and Sons
William A. Schmidt and Sons (www.wasinc.com) is a metal fabricator serving the Power Generation, Refinery/Petro-Chemical, Metal Forming, and Chocolate Equipment markets. Our highly experienced team is focused on providing quality parts and equipment for our customers. We strictly follow ASME code standards on every job we produce. Our team is committed to achieving quality standards that our customers expect while consistently delivering on schedule. Our customers trust our performance and look to Schmidt to assist in meeting their quick turn-around needs and completing complicated fabrications.

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