Operations Manager, Mobile Outfitters (Filled)

Status: Filled

Job Title: Operations Manager

Company: Mobile Outfitters (moutfitters.com)

Location: Philadelphia, PA (Manayunk)

Date: April 2019

About This Opportunity

The Operations Manager holds a critical position in the organization. In this role you will be a leader in the production area that drives the execution of production objectives, while creating an inclusive culture that energizes a ‘Safety First, Quality Always, with a Continuous Improvement’ mindset. Have you ever desired to see direct and immediate impact of your work on the people you work with and the business you support? Do you enjoy making decisions and having the freedom to act without miles of red tape and bureaucracy? Join a team which recognizes your leadership, is focused on growing the business, and appreciates the contributions of all members.

What Does an Operations Manager Do?

An Operations Manager at Mobile Outfitters is the day-to-day owner of all things related to safety, people, quality, delivery, and costs. What this means, in practice, is that you’ll be working closely with the Director of Operations to create or update processes around these focus areas, and then working on a daily basis with your 8 to 10 Production Team Members to make sure the processes are followed and continuously improved. Your focus will be on the safety of the entire facility, making sure Mobile Outfitters’ people are in alignment with their core values and culture, ensuring that they ship the highest quality products possible, deliver on time, and that do this in a profitable way by improving costs.

  • Coordinates and supervises the daily activities of individual contributors.
  • Sets priorities and schedules for the team to ensure task completion.
  • Identifies and resolves day-to-day quality, technical, and operational issues.
  • Sets priorities to meet daily deadlines; develops plans to meet short-term objectives and KPIs.
  • Works within budgetary/financial objectives.
  • Is responsible for establishing a First Time Right culture by reducing waste and constantly driving continuous improvement. Responsible for reviewing and approving procedures, as needed.
  • Exercises judgment and decision making to ensure a quality product is reliably produced, while managing cost. Responsible for supply performance metrics that include schedule adherence and achieving lead time targets.
  • Is responsible for continuous improvements. Identify, prioritize and champion improvement initiatives to improve process efficiency, cycle time, and yield, as well as reduce process variability and eliminate waste.
  • Provides coaching on professional development and career paths. Provides timely feedback and performance evaluations for direct reports after obtaining the relevant input and evaluation.
  • Keeps all team members informed of current policies and procedures, and all other company communications.
  • Identifies root causes of manufacturing issues and implements corrective action to minimize downtime with a focus on safety, quality, delivery and cost.
  • Actively develops members to obtain maximum potential.
  • Is physically capable of manual labor that includes lifting, bending, and reaching.
  • Is able to lift 50 pounds on a regular basis and is able to work 8-hour shifts standing.


  • Your leadership style is adaptive; high-performance coaching; servant leader.
  • Ability to be flexible and understand risk.
  • Demonstrated ability to take the initiative.
  • 3+ years of management/supervisory experience.
  • Bachelor’s Degree.
  • Minimum 4 years of experience in a functional area, such as operations management, quality, continuous improvement and/or supply chain.
  • Excellent communication skills and people skills, able to provide hands-on leadership support.
  • Demonstrated knowledge of lean manufacturing, process improvement and quality management.
  • Solid people management experience, able to lead a team and hold people accountable, able to develop metrics and KPIs for employee performance.
  • Ability to lead lean initiatives, such as 5S, value stream mapping, process observation, six sigma, Kanban/pull systems, TPM, and/or Kaizen events.
  • Experience in a high-growth environment.

About Mobile Outfitters
Mobile Outfitters’ company culture is the #1 reason people choose to work there and stay once they’re there. It would be a mistake to say that things like their fun quarterly events, no-dress-code policy, and efficient 40-hour work week define their culture—rather, they are the positive side effects of their culture. Their culture is built upon good people who love their work and work hard and intelligently to produce great results. They are grateful for the work they do, and they tell each other that. They are a group of thoughtful, helpful people with integrity, and they get stuff done. When you have that, it doesn’t really matter what clothes you wear or if you booked a 80 hour work week (which they recommend against doing).

It’s important to know what core values Mobile Outfitters cares about, and what they’re trying to do as a company. Their vision is to make products that people love, and a company people love to work for. How they get there is through their core values:

Help each other and allow others to help you.
Have Integrity in everything you do.
Be a thoughtful person and be thoughtful in your work.
Execute! We want people who deliver on goals and promises.