Leading Standards Organization Engages Top Notch HR Expert

As one of the largest standards organizations in the world, ASTM provides a forum for the development and publication of consensus standards for an impressive range of materials, products, systems and services. Keeping pace with industry developments is just one of many reasons that ASTM President, Katharine Morgan engaged the services of HCC Partners, led by Jim Geier, President & CEO. Read More

12 Key Questions to Determine Whether Your Compensation Strategy is a Helpful Attraction & Retention Tool

In order to attract and retain the “right talent,” each business must have a clear philosophy/strategy around compensation and rewards. Today, with the uptick in the economy, you need to be sure that your compensation plan is able to attract, motivate and retain your employees. As you review your company’s compensation strategy, listed below are… Read More

5 “Compensation Pluses” You Must Consider to Attract and Retain Millennial Employees

Much has been written about the high turnover rate of millennial employees, relative to other generations, as they seem to be in constant pursuit of the ultimate job. According to HR innovator, Jim Geier, “A major reason why millennials don’t stay is because their compensation package is mostly based on money and money is not… Read More