The Onboarding Program: A Way to Grow Your Business

All companies, regardless of their size, spend time and money trying to recruit the best talent and want to turn them into productive employees as quickly as possible. According to The Boston Consulting Group, “Companies with strong onboarding programs see 2.5 times the profit growth and 1.9 times the profit margin than those that don’t.”… Read More

Management Succession Planning: The Key to Business Continuity

When lawyers, accountants, financial advisors and business owners look ahead to plan business succession, they discuss legal documents, tax code, investment returns and valuation (usually 10x EBITDA!). Rarely does anyone mention management succession. This is surprising because most owners, especially family owners, care about their legacy, yet without a solid management succession plan, the “family… Read More

6 Common Mistakes that Family Business Owners Make When Preparing for the Next Generation to Take Over

Many owners of family businesses underestimate the organizational succession plan necessary to transition their company to the next generation. A business owner will come to me, ready to retire within a short period of time, and after a few key questions, they realize that they really have no organizational succession plan in place, in order… Read More

Ensuring Success in Attracting, Hiring, On-boarding and Retaining Millennials

Millennials will one day run everything, but in the meantime, how will they acquire the skills and experience in order to lead effectively when that day comes? How does one teach leadership to the most collaborative and culturally accepting generation in history? Leaders tend to be individualistic and driven to achieving their singular vision. Millennials,… Read More