Culture of Accountability: The Key to Business Growth in 2017

“Accountability – the quality or state of being accountable, an obligation or willingness to accept responsibility or to account for one’s actions.”

– Merriam Webster Dictionary


How many times during the past 3 years, have you become frustrated when work you assigned was not finished on time?

How often during the course of a project did you need to re-clarify the issues and deliverables for your team?

What percentage of the time do the finished results you receive from your team not meet your expectations?

For an organization to be successful, employees must have a strong sense of accountability. As leaders we need to spend the time upfront clarifying roles, expectations, deliverables and timelines to ensure the team delivers on the expected results. It is important that managers/supervisors work towards developing a “culture of accountability” in order to drive success.

The following 11 actions will help leaders develop a “culture of accountability” in their organizations:

  1. Develop a plan.
  2. Explain what success looks like.
  3. Define specific goals and objectives.
  4. Be open to suggestions.
  5. Track progress.
  6. Lead by example: deliver on commitments to your team.
  7. Accept responsibility.
  8. Listen effectively.
  9. Celebrate and recognize success.
  10. Give coaching and mentoring support.
  11. Communicate, communicate, communicate.

Practice, patience and focus will lead to accountability being a core competency of your organization. Is “Accountability” your organization’s core competency, take HCCP’s Accountability Index and find out?

Simply put, the more accountability assumed by an individual and/or the team, the greater the overall results in your business for 2017.

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