6 Signs Your HR Department is at Odds with Your Business Strategy

If your company is experiencing any or all of the following, your HR strategy/
operations may be holding your company back:

  1. Your company has a business strategy but it hasn’t defined an HR strategy, one that ensures you have the right people to achieve your goals.
  2. Your HR leadership isn’t invited to participate in high level planning and strategy meetings and discussions.
  3. Your company is hiring for the position but not the outcome, e.g. people who have the skills/
    abilities to make corporate goals happen.
  4. You have performance reviews that rate the person, but not their accomplishments and behaviors
    relative to achieving stakeholder expectations.
  5. Your company’s compensation strategy may be a best practice in your industry but may not
    be one that drives motivation toward achieving your company’s goals.
  6. Top leadership does not communicate to each employee corporate goals and their role in achieving them.

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