Assess Whether Your Human Capital Strategy is Designed to Fill Positions or to Move the Organization Forward

People are a key part of every business. Yet most businesses fail to maximize their employees’ potential because they focus on the tactical issues of filling slots on a chart rather than on adding talent with the skills and experience to achieve the organization’s strategic objectives.

The following are 6 questions to ask to determine whether an organization—public, non-profit or family business—is maximizing its human capital performance potential:

  1. What is your business strategy and vision for the future?
  2. What are the organization’s top 3 goals?
  3. Are the business processes in place to achieve the goals, strategy and vision?
  4. Is the right organization structure and skills/competencies in place to achieve goals?
  5. Can the current management team provide the leadership and direction needed to win?
  6. Is the organization’s compensation strategy designed to motivate people to achieve goals.

The human component of an organization is often its largest expense, yet structurally, it is often the one least examined by the owners, stakeholders and board. A thorough assessment of human capital is the key to achieving organizational efficiencies and your business strategy.

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