Healthcare Think Tank Engages HCC Partners to Help Realize Its Mission and Establish a Culture

“One great thing about Jim is that he values both ends of the relationship and wants to make sure that whoever is in the job is the right fit. He communicates honestly regarding the good, the bad, and the ugly, so the candidate realistically understands the risks, as well as the potential rewards. Jim prepares people, up front, with the right expectations and he does that expertly on both sides. I’ve worked with a lot of firms and they don’t always do that.”

Take a look at how Mike Forese, Vice President, Finance & Operations at AllSpire Health Partners, experienced both sides of Executive Search with HCC Partners.

AllSpire Health Partners affiliates encompass five health systems that include almost 40 associated hospitals, as well as clinics, rehab centers, and other healthcare service facilities throughout PA, NJ, and the NY metro area. Its affiliates benefit from knowledge transfer, collaboration, and the cost benefits of group purchasing.

When Mike Forese was tasked with hiring an HR professional to help fill out the management team and develop the culture for AllSpire moving forward, he immediately thought of Jim Geier and HCC Partners.

Mike and Jim originally met at one of Mike’s former employers, CardioNet, where Jim was brought in as an interim Senior VP of HR. There, they got to know each other very well working closely together on a daily basis. A few years later, they reconnected and at the time, Mike was looking for a new opportunity to lead a privately held company. Coincidentally, Jim was doing a CEO search that fit the bill. This time, Mike’s role was a job candidate and Jim’s role was Executive Search firm.

Very early during the interview process, Jim laid out the requirements of the job, but also made sure that he understood what motivated Mike, how his career was developing, and what made him happy. It was a deep knowledge of these ‘human’ characteristics that helped Jim make an appropriate match on Mike’s behalf. From the employer’s viewpoint, Jim was being thorough and only presented ‘good fit’ candidates, who were also qualified for the job.

With Mike’s most recent career achievement, as Vice President of Finance and Operations at AllSpire Health, he had the opportunity to be the employer—the one who was looking for qualified, ‘good fit’ candidates. The position of Director of Human Resources would be key to the organization, allowing the parent company to develop its own infrastructure and culture, as it continues to grow.

The Executive Search Process

“From the employer’s standpoint, Jim makes sure that he understands the requirements by doing extensive due diligence with the executive team. He uncovers unique personal qualities in addition to the nuts and bolts experience. That was on the front end to make sure we gave him the right information to recruit.

From the candidate side, he makes sure that both the candidate and employer knows where each other stands. He makes sure that the candidate fully realizes what they are getting into. He lays it out—with no spin! Some candidates are afraid to ask certain questions and come in with a false expectation. Jim aptly works both ends and makes sure that the right questions are asked. He coaches the people and the employer to head off problems at the pass. With Jim, there are NO shortcuts.

Jim employed a very good process. Candidates were scarcer than we thought. We only brought in two individuals for interviews, but Jim screened several. To his credit, he only gave us very good candidates. It was effective and precisely what we needed. The business benefit is that with the addition of this position, we’re in control of our own destiny. Now, we can build the infrastructure to offer our own benefits and develop our culture, put policies in place—really develop it the way we want.” —Mike Forese, VP Finance & Operations, Allspire Health Partners

About AllSpire Health Partners

The affiliated hospitals and medical centers of AllSpire Health Partners rank among the best in the nation. With a broad spectrum of specialties, coupled with the expertise of dedicated physicians, nurses and staff, the associated institutions of AllSpire provide patients with the highest quality health care available. Its hospitals and medical centers have been honored with numerous awards and are recognized throughout the region for their leadership.

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